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How to use the Ultimate Towner as a business tool.

The Ultimate Towner is an outstanding opportunity for your business for multiple reasons. 1. It supports our local benefactor the Senior Center of Jackson Hole. 2. It is an opportunity to BUILD YOUR TEAM. 3. It is a great community engagement event. How many of you have obstacles you must overcome in your business? Yes, [...]

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Mountaineering: Risk, Rewards and Lessons Learned through Meru Film in Theaters Nation Wide

I am very excited to share with you the Meru Film, playing now in theaters nation wide, and some of the lessons for personal and professional life that the film presents. It’s called Meru and is a fascinating story of both failure and triumph in the climbing the most technically challenging and dangerous peak in [...]

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The Key To Higher Productivity In Business

One of my favorite “Productivity Guru’s” is Eben Pagen.  I have studied his work for years and have been through several of his training programs. This one, Wake Up Productive, is well worth the time. It’s great because you he gives away incredibly valuable content up front, along with exercises that really show what he [...]

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Psychology, Success and 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

As we make our transition into 2015, how can we use the concept of new year resolutions to evolve and live a fulfilling life?  The following concepts offer some insight and actions as you reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year, creating a life of fulfillment. At the end of [...]

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Creating Effective Team Building – Meeting News Minute Video Interview

Check out this Skype interview by Agatha Gilmore of Meeting News.  Team-building guru Will Leggett of Grand Dynamics International discusses the many benefits of team building and reveals the secrets to creating successful programs that meet both organizations’ and attendees’ goals. Click here to watch.  Grand Dynamics new North East resort partner, White Face Lodge, [...]

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