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The Key To Higher Productivity In Business

One of my favorite “Productivity Guru’s” is Eben Pagen.  I have studied his work for years and have been through several of his training programs. This one, Wake Up Productive, is well worth the time. It’s great because you he gives away incredibly valuable content up front, along with exercises that really show what he [...]

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Failure is Failure, Right? How can you practice failure?

Failure Is Failure Read on for the intro to the HBR article and my comments about failure and how this applies to experiential training and, of course, Yoda. Failure is all the rage these days. Recently, from HBR alone, we have David Simms talking about the power of positive failure (and Scott Anthony’s response), and [...]

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What does Brian Tracy know about Discipline? An introduction to personal greatness

The Power of Discipline – 7 Ways It Can Change Your Life by Brian Tracy Self-discipline is the key to personal greatness. It is the magic quality that opens all doors for you, and makes everything else possible. -Brian Tracy “No steam or gas drives anything until it is confined. No Niagara is ever turned [...]

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How to create your vision and set goals for 2014 – Your free gift from Grand Dynamics: A Personal Mastery Guide to 2014

Greetings Success Seekers! If you’re reading this then I know you are someone ready to take life to new heights. Congratulations and welcome to your personal mastery guide for 2014. This is my gift to help you to create your most incredibly awesome year of your life. I have outlined a process for reflection on [...]

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Grand Dynamics International Team Building programs help businesses operate better, faster and cheaper

Wouldn’t it be nice if team building programs actually offered a way to measure team performance improvement in a way that has a bottom line impact? How can you actually do that? Our team expedition model with a better, faster, cheaper framework does just that. And we can do it in 4 hours or less. [...]

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