Tough Towner Team Division Results (controversy incuded)

Hi Everyone! Here are the Tough Towner Jackson Hole Obstacle Course Race team results for the fast and fun classes. I want to point out a few things about the team divisons of the Tough Towner, because there was a mis-print in the JH News and Guide about the results of the Team Division. The JH News stated that the winner was Inversion Yoga team, which is incorrect. Here’s why. Simply stated, the inversion Yoga team AND the Fire Rescue teams had overall very fast team times, and the fastest if you were to take the average combined time of the individual team members on that team. However their teammates did not stay together or finish together. While it is important to celebrate and recognize their time, those teams did not win based on our criteria. And yes, we realize that this is the first year and perhaps this could have been etched in stone before the race and placed on a tablet somewhere near the starting line, but we did post an answer to that FAQ on our web-site. Per our Frequently Asked Question about teams PRIOR to the race, the Grand Dynamics Tough Towner web site CLEARLY STATES: “For this event, we are defining the winning team as a group of 4 or more people. Which means, for the team category, the fastest team of 4 or more participants who register as a team, and start and finish together, will win the Tough Towner Team division.” KEY WORDS HERE ARE START AND FINISH TOGETHER. And when we asked TUFFY, (which without a doubt Tuffy has the final call) he said that the most important part of the TEAM DIVISION is doing the course as a team! Team concepts such as helping each other, sticking together and finishing together are important aspects of being a winning team, and not just individual performance as a collective group, which Inversion Yoga team would have won if this was the criteria, which it wasn’t. Therefore, based on THIS CRITERIA, we want to state clearly that the winning team for the Tough Towner, as announced at the award ceremony, is team MUDSLINGER. CONGRATULATIONS TEAM MUDSLINGER! And for that matter, Congratulations to ALL TOUGH TOWNER TEAMS! Let’s take this all with a grain of salt, people! Remember that this is the first Tough Towner Jackson event, and the purpose is to have fun, challenge each other and build community. Of course a little controversy is to be expected somewhere, but lets keep the eye on the prize! 43:18 43:19 43:19 ( 43:20) ( 43:20) = 2:09:56 RYAN BURKE, JARAD SPACKMAN, JESSE ROY, BRANDON SPACKMAN, CHRISTIAN BECKWITH This winning team includes TWO MAIN SPONSOR REPRESENTATIVES, Jarad Spackman who headed up Take the Plunge obstacle entrance into the Rodeo Grounds, as well as JESSE ROY of Couloir Construction, who built the majority of the walls in the Course. Below are the Team Results for overall timing for the remainder of teams. The times indicate whether they were together at the finish or not. Here are the TEAM TIMES! The TEAM Results – Fast Division —————————————————————————- 1. INVERSION YOGA 33:33 39:59 40:19 ( 40:48) ( 44:50) = 1:53:51 SAM FAIRLEIGH, KATIE STEINBERG, MAREIKE FITZ, CASEY WILSON, MARY HOELSCHER 2. FIRE RESCUE 37:44 41:28 41:37 ( 51:22) ( 51:24) = 2:00:49 CHRIS BETSINGER, KEVIN SALYS, ZAC ELDRIDGE, ANDY ZIMMERMAN, TYLER DUNN 3. BRUISERS 40:36 44:32 44:33 = 2:09:41 JOSH GRIFFITH, HANNAH MEIER, BREE BUCKLEY 4. MUDSLINGER 43:18 43:19 43:19 ( 43:20) ( 43:20) = 2:09:56 RYAN BURKE, JARAD SPACKMAN, JESSE ROY, BRANDON SPACKMAN, CHRISTIAN BECKWITH 5. TEAM BRECHEEN FITZGERALDS 45:28 45:29 53:17 ( 53:38) = 2:24:14 SAWYER GORDON, ERIC BRECHEEN, LUKE BRECHEEN, KATHY WATKINS 6. JACKSON HOLE NEWS&GUIDE 47:31 47:31 50:32 = 2:25:34 BENJAMIN GRAHAM, MILLER RESOR, MIKE KOSHMRL The TEAM Results – Fun Division —————————————————————————- 1. YEE HAW NATION 43:54 43:54 43:54 ( 43:54) ( 43:55) = 2:11:42 BRAD DICLEEY, CHRIS DICKEY, STEWART SOLEMAN, MICHELLE WMITH, ELLEN TRAYLOR 2. WOLF PACK 43:55 44:29 47:53 = 2:16:17 MATTHEW TOMLINSON, ALLEN BOYER, TREVER SWINK 3. JACKALOPES 50:51 50:52 50:53 = 2:32:36 JACK DOORNBOS, PAULA CURRIE, SARAH DOORNBOS 4. JACKSON HOLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL 51:20 51:20 51:22 = 2:34:02 DAVID TORAN, CHERYL KATZ, TOM BRESNEHAN 5. ZOMBIE BEE 55:27 55:28 55:28 ( 56:40) ( 56:41) = 2:46:23 STEPHANIE SPACKMAN, CAMERON BARKER, ERIN GUERTIN, JILL LEITHER, MAIRE HERRON 6. STATE FARM ANIMALS 58:05 59:57 59:58 ( 59:59) (1:00:00) = 2:58:00 GRACE BROWN, KATIE MURPHY, ALLI WEBB, MEGAN RUMSEY, SAVIAN WADSWORTH 7. THE BIRD 1:01:06 1:01:07 1:01:13 (1:01:13) (1:01:14) = 3:03:26 SPAUDING, SPAUDING, DAN QUARK, SPAULDING, SPAULDING 8. ST. JOHN’S MEDICAL CENTER 1:01:14 1:01:14 1:01:14 (1:01:14) (1:02:09) = 3:03:42 JASON IRVINE, KELLY SCHROEDER, KRISTEN IRVINE, LUKE GANNON, HARRY SHIPP 9. TEAM TURBO 1:04:13 1:05:21 1:05:27 (1:05:28) = 3:15:01 TANYA MCNEEL, DANIELLE MCKENZIE, DAWN MANFREDI, HOPE RAY 10. MOUNTAIN KHAKIS CHICKEN DINNA 1:06:00 1:06:01 1:06:01 (1:06:01) = 3:18:02 ALYSON OVERBEY, TOBAY DETERMAN, ALEX CARR, ERIC CARR 11. FLYING B’S 1:08:12 1:08:12 1:13:06 = 3:29:30 TARA OSTERHOUT, LESLI POEHLER, CANDICE TRAUGHBER Congratulations to all those awesome teams! Tim Walther Tough Towner Course Director Grand Dynamics International