Grand Dynamics International provides consulting services for businesses seeking to improve their performance. GDI specializes in designing experiential learning programs and offers services for HR Directors, Managers, Training Specialists and individuals responsible for creating dynamics training programs for their organization. We offer train the trainer services and experiential platforms for “bringing content to life.” This includes offering design services for content and exercises to be used in conjunction with popular books and commonly used assessment tools such as the DiSC profile system, BarOn EQ-i and Meyers Briggs.

Our in depth Cooperative Edge process is a long term process which uncovers key areas of performance drag and offers timely solutions for improved human performance.

The Cooperative Edge Business Consulting Model

Driving Revenue. Increasing Operational Excellence. Becoming More Innovative.
From improving customer service to increasing sales, from developing individual skills to building team synergy, the Grand Dynamics International business consulting services provide positive lasting results.

The following is an outline of the key phases to the Cooperative Edge process.

Phase 1: The Cooperative Edge Assessment and Design

  • Initial Meetings with key stakeholders
  • Needs Assessment
    • Employee Surveys
    • Interviews
    • Focus Groups
  • Business Process Improvement Design and Delivery
    • GDI Design presented to client leadership team
    • Management / Key Stakeholder review and approval

Phase 2: The Cooperative Edge Implementation

  • Implementation
  • Learning Outcomes & Measurable Results

Phase 3: Evaluation, Re-contracting and Closure

  • Evaluation and refinement as needed
  • Closure

Grant Services

GDI helps businesses to identify funding sources and develop grants to support and subsidize the costs of business consulting. Wyoming businesses qualify for significant training subsidization, including 60% of all direct training and development expenses covered for up to $2000 per employee.

You can find out more about eh Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund Here: