Cold Plunge Adventures

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Are you ready for Your Next Bold Move?

What if you could re-define your relationship with cold?  

What if you could achieve the  impossible?  

What if you could begin journey of vital health that would change your life forever?

It’s time to go ALL IN!   Learn the strategies and create life changing experiences. 

Why Cold Plunge

  • Rapidly Builds Immunity
  • Strengthens our Mindset
  • Improves Cardiovascular (Heart) health
  • Reduces stress
  • Creates more energy
  • Alkalizes the body 
  • Improves stamina 
  • Connects the body and mind through specific breathing patterns
  • Provides techniques for rapid rewarming
  • Turns the impossible into I’M POSSIBLE!

Private Events in Jackson Hole

Our program will include:

  • Training at our in town facility
  • Skillsets for Mindset, Breathing and Progressive Immersion
  • An unforgettable experience of going ALL IN in the wild rivers of Jackson Hole
  • Contact us today to schedule your group


“The best thing I have done all year.  Our family will never forget going All In in Jackson Hole!”  

Corey Milligan, New West Knifeworks

Virtual Cold Plunge Adventures

Experience the magic in the most unique virtual event you'll ever experience!

  • Training via ZOOM with Mindset, Breathing and Progressive Immersions
  • Learn the skills to go ALL IN at your home or nearby
  • Groups of all sizes and abilities

Mastering the Virtual World

How to Design and Lead Effective and Engaging Virtual Meetings

Zoom Fatigue Be Gone! Level up your virtual skills to lead fun, effective, and engaging meetings and events. Experience virtual training to provide you and your team with the skills and tools to succeed in the virtual world.