Gallery: Breakthrough Action Seminar

Gallery: Breakthrough Action Seminar

Breakthrough Seminar

Learn about goal setting and action strategies for overcoming obstacles.

Grand Dynamics is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and offers open enrollment on an annual basis. The Jackson Hole, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce offers valuable services to the local Jackson Hole community and was looking for an educational workshop to help facilitate personal, professional and organizational change. Grand Dynamics responded with Switch the Change. This program features methods for how to change anything in life and includes a three step framework for addressing intellectual, emotional and environmental factors for facilitating change in yourself, others and your organization. The action culminates with the Breakthrough process, where participants learn about goal setting and action strategies for overcoming obstacles and implementing the change. Participants from all walks of life and business types participated, with outstanding results. This seminar and program has been delivered for countless organizations in training and development programs and retreats.


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