GRAND DYNAMICS – Training & Development Programs

Since 1998, Grand Dynamics has supported leaders and their teams to create high performing, inspiring cultures through events, retreats, trainings, coaching and speaking.

We deliver world class, immersive training and developmentwith an emphasis on experiential programming.

We specialize in virtual training and live events and have effective safety protocols in place for in-person gatherings.


We can assist Wyoming businesses to acquire state grant funds for employee training and leadership development with the goal of upgrading skills and retaining employees.


What follows is a sample of our most popular trainings, which we can deliver live or virtually. Our live training content is integrated into Experiential Programs such as our team expecitions, amazing race events or other customized adventures. We work with organizations of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies like Google and Delta to small family owned businesses.

All of our training experiences are delivered with your people and business outcomes in mind.


  1. Team Building – Fun team building activities to improve communication and team bonds.
  2. Team Problem Solving – Teams complete creative and entertaining challenges to get to know each other, learn problem solving skills and connect in fun ways.
  3. Introduction to Teamwork – Explore the foundation of successful teams and the teamwork that makes it happen.
  4. Team Bonding for the Service Industry – Fun team building activities to improve team bonds and communication designed specifically for those in the service industry.
  5. ALL IN – Breathing techniques, mindset training and cold exposure combine for a powerful group bonding experience that supports employee health and resilience.


  1. Adventure Psychology – Mindset and strategies that adventurers and high performers use to address fears and uncertainty while creating flow states and resilience in times of challenge.
  2. High Impact Team Performance – Get a GRIP on Goals, Roles, Interpersonal Interactions and Process Efficiency for exceptional productivity, creativity and resourcefulness.
  3. Leadership Training – Explore 5 keys to effective leadership and how to implement them.
  4. Mastering Virtual Events – Level up virtual skills to lead fun, effective and engaging online meetings and events.
  5. Switch the Change – Understand change efforts and how to successfully lead individuals, teams and businesses through them.
  6. Connection Before Content – Ice-breakers, activities and virtual experiences that help leaders create fun ways to engage their participants before and during content delivery.
  7. Customer Service – Behind the Magic Curtain – Focus on the skills and culture of exemplary customer service.


  1. Brave Conversations – Effective strategies to have difficult conversations respectfully and effectively to get to Win / Win solutions.
  2. Feedback / Feedforward – Techniques for skillfully sharing what works, what doesn’t and how to move forward together with openness and curiosity.
  3. Cross Cultural Communication – Models and communication techniques for effective communication with people of different cultures.
  4. DiSC Behavioral Styles – A personal assessment tool that helps improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.
  5. Personality System – A powerful and nuanced tool for self-awareness and transformation that provides insight into how to relate and manage more effectively.
  6. EQ Advantage – Understand the fifteen competencies of emotional intelligence in the five areas of intrapersonal, interpersonal, stress management and general mood.
  7. Executive Coaching – World class coaching for individuals or small groups to support leaders in their growth.


Our flagship training and development program for businesses offers a customized approach to Team and Leadership development. In this systematic, results-based approach to improving the human performance in your business, we conduct a thorough needs assessment, including the use of interviews and surveys, to gather information and customize your training. We then work with your management team to design and deliver exceptional training and development experiences to exceed your expectations. Our solutions come from 25 years of experience and working with leaders and teams from an eclectic mix of highly successful businesses.  Our customized solutions create the Cooperative Edge so your business can maintain the Competitive Edge.   

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