Jackson Hole Scavenger Hunt – Customized Private EventsSearch and Discover the Old and New West of Jackson Hole in the ultimate team hunt, powered by your smartphone.

How does it work?

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Private Hunts

We create customized Scavenger Hunts for your group

Private Hunts include the following features:

  • Program Manager: A dedicated staff to design your experience
  • Event Hosts (optional) to
    • Greet your group and start your event
    • Monitor and score event submissions
    • Emcee at event closing
  • Customized Course Locations
    • Multiple Downtown Jackson Hole Courses, Teton Village, Around the Hole
  • Customized Timeframes
    • 1-8 hours in duration
  • Teams
    • Unlimited number of teams
    • 4-6 participants per team
  • Customization of challenges
    • Include some of your favorite group trivia or custom photo or video submissions
  • Live feed submissions
    • Teams can view other submissions to increase the fun
  • Live event scoring and monitoring
    • Earn points as you complete challenges
    • Check the leaderboard and see how the competition is stacking up!
  • Customized event video
    • Participant submissions produced during the event create the perfect memory of your Jackson Hole experience
    • Delivered within an hour of course completion at closing ceremonies
  • Coordinated event closing location for closing ceremonies
    • Enjoy tasty food and beverage at our preferred event closing
    • Watch your event video on the big screen
    • Celebrate your team victories

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many people can play the game?

    • Recommend between 2 and 6 people per team (but individuals or a team of more can do it!)

    Do teams need to stay together?

    • YES! Your team will stay together. If you want to go separate ways, form a different team!

    How long is the JH Scavenger Hunt?

    • We have a variety of Hunts, 1-4 hours is typical, with customized time frames available
    • The “Classic” JH Hunt features a downtown course that takes up to two hours to complete
    • You can choose to take as little or as long as you like.

    What do I need to play/participate?

    • One fully charged smartphone – I-Phone (Preferred) or Android per team.
    • We recommend bringing a back up charger for your phone (or an extra phone)
    • A positive attitude and your creative genius!

    Can kids participate?

    • Yes! Adult Fun, Kid Friendly! There will need to be someone with a phone to navigate the course

    How do I travel the course?

    • Travel on foot, bike or public or private transportation – you choose
    • Just obey all traffic laws and all town regulations

    How do I know where to go?

    • You can begin your Hunt from any downtown location
    • Once you register you will receive instructions
    • Our integrated course map and list of challenges will give you “enough” information to find all the location-specific challenge checkpoints
    • You decide on the checkpoints you want to go to and in what sequence

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