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We can deliver all Action Seminar events virtually via video conference or in person. 

GDI Action Seminars are the result of years of research into the way that people learn best. Our programs infuse experiential learning as a way to bring content to life and allow participants to fully integrate the learning. These seminars are the perfect complement to your organizational development or corporate advance. Many of our seminars are offered in conjunction with an assessment tool to highlight personal and professional development and improve human interaction dynamics. Check out this video which overviews a Grand Dynamics National Leadership Training program which involved a series of customized action seminars. We call it a Culture Infusion.


Action Seminars Offered

Teambuilding: An ActionSeries Seminar© on the Art and Science of Teamwork

Clear and effective communication, decision making, problem solving, consensus gaining…these are all processes that high functioning teams perform effectively. Building Teams that Build Themselves is a four to eight hour ActionSeries Seminar© that provides you with these new strategies to bring your team closer together. This workshop provides participants with models, methods, and tools that will be integrated into an action-oriented workshop. With these models, you will be able to pinpoint essential team knowledge, skills, and attitudes critical for successful performance. Participants will engage in the Experiential Learning Cycle as they reflect upon their process and results, and transfer the takeaways to the work environment. The format may include indoor or outdoor exercises, facilitated discussions and presentations. As with all GDI experiences, this program will be active, energizing and accessible for all participants.


Switch the Change:A Breakthrough Action Seminar

This is a management level training and also recommended for front line employees and anyone wishing to master the dynamics of change. The morning will offer a framework for clearly understanding our change efforts and provide the framework for successful change for individuals, teams and businesses. The Switch model facilitates change opportunities from the three perspective of rational, emotional and structural and is packed with examples, models, methods, tools and strategies. The afternoon will focus on applied psychology for overcoming barriers and implementing your specific, desired changes. You will have the opportunity to focus on a specific change opportunity and BREAKTHROUGH as a powerful metaphor for positive change. Participants literally break through a wooden board and there are a variety of ways to accomplish this daunting feat! You will keep this experience with you for a life time.


Breakthrough:The Ultimate Goal-Setting Workshop

Looking to stamp your corporate retreat with an extraordinary closing activity? The BreakThrough Workshop is a process that develops professional and personal action steps to achieve peak performances in your life. Everyone has personal and professional goals that they want to achieve, and BreakThrough is designed to equip participants with the right tools to take action – and make these goals happen! The BreakThrough process includes identifying our desired outcomes, our purpose for achieving them and a massive action plan for transitioning our dreams into reality. This Action Seminar includes understanding the psychology behind what may limit our potential, and creating powerful positive anchors for maintaining our state to achieve anything we desire. The workshop culminates in breaking through your barriers to success and metaphorically achieving your most important goals. This incredible seminar is not to be missed!


PeoplePower©:An ActionSeries Seminar Featuring the DiSC Personal Profile System

PeoplePower© is an ActionSeries Seminar designed to promote practical strategies for effectively managing behavioral differences in today’s fast-paced work environment. This program uses the DISC assessment tool for management, sales, and maximizing team performance. This program allows participants to gain an understanding of their own behavioral styles and those of their teammates. The take-aways from this program are flexible, easily integrated techniques and strategies that can help anyone who would benefit from working better with others.


Seeking True North: The Pathway to Freedom, Beauty, and Success

The Seeking True North Experience integrates personal and professional development concepts for an impactful experience. Program content integrates team building and leadership development facilitation with unique experiential challenges in a corporate retreat setting. Programs are available for your team. Each program location utilizes the unique setting and resources for powerful learning opportunities. Participants will walk away with a variety of models, methods and tools for personal and professional growth. Each program highlights an adventure experience to anchor the learning through a powerful, emotion filled team building and leadership development experiences. The Seeking True North Compass model of Prepare, Practice, Passion and Relationships provides the framework for lasting, long-term integration for personal and professional success. Check out a couple videos about Seeking True North programs of the past!




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