The Mountain Seminar

The most innovative and impactful corporate event on the market today.

Featuring professional speakers, innovative mountain-themed challenges and cutting-edge special effects, the Mountain Seminar brings the outdoors to the indoors and the mountains to business. It is the most iconic metaphor for challenge and success!

The Mountain Seminar Offers

  • A unique training and development experience to excite and inspire participants
  • Corporate messaging to bring to life core values, business strategy and meeting themes
  • The most iconic metaphor for challenge and success
  • Transference elements to foster learning, application and accountability
  • Optional additional mountain climbing keynote speakers to complement event messaging

Program Overview

The Mountain Seminar is an exciting and highly-customizable indoor event specifically designed for mid to large sized groups.

It is a unique training and development experience designed to engage and inspire all participants. We integrate corporate messaging to bring your company’s core values, business strategies, and meeting themes to life!

What do our Mountain Seminar participants have to say?

“We all have to work together for an end result and if one of us doesn’t do their job, the whole system breaks down and we fall off the mountain.”
“The epiphany that we reached was that we can do it, no matter what obstacle we have in front of us, we can make it!”
“The view from the top of the mountain makes it all worthwhile, but even more important than that are the relationships that you’re going to create along the way. And that alone is worth the Victory Pose that we keep on the mountaintop.” Tim Walther, President, Grand Dynamics International
“We’ve been working with Grand Dynamics for many years now and the mountain experience they brought into our sessions today create an environment where we really had to rely on each other and really trust each other, to come out on the other end in a successful manner”. Mike Stengel, Senior Vice President, Specialty Services for PSAV

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