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I am going to keep this simple. There is a WIDE range of perceptions of team building. The perceptions of team building range from brief engaging programs based on pure entertainment/recreation to multiple programs integrated with complex organizational development. Typically a team building program falls about somewhere in the middle.

What do you want to get out of a team building event? That depends on your goals. It also depends on what you are willing to invest inregard to time, resources and money. We have been delivering team building events and highly customized experiential learning programs for over 13 years and our goal is to understand your needs and deliver an experience to exceed your expectations.

First step – Take a good look at your intended outcomes. Often this comes in the form of a challenge or problem that is arising. Addressing a communication issue, providing a way to forge a powerful relationship, wanting employees to increase engagement…. these are all just examples of issues that can be addressed with the right approach to the training and development experience.

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Bottom Line? We have the experience you are looking for. Whether its about improving peer to peer relations, an exciting adventuresome event or really getting into the business of team performance. Each has their place. Although as the economic belt is tightened, there is a hard look at ROI now more than ever. Whatever stage you are in, rest assured that you are looking to make a positive impact on the business. And it DOES make a difference in how a team building event is prepared for and delivered. Enter Grand Dynamics International.

Grand Dynamics International delivers the most dynamic, engaging, customized team building programs available anywhere. Our programs take place in indoor conference rooms, city centers, on rivers and in the mountains. Quite simply, GDI programs are “as good as it gets.”

Why? Because we combine engaging learning formats with a focus on business results. We seek to understand your objectives and create a program, or series of programs, to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We offer programs in the most inspiring locations around the world and bring the adventure to you. GDI has over a decade of experience delivering cutting edge challenge events, indoor action seminars and designing client specific solutions for teams of all sizes and shapes. We love what we do and our passion rings through in every program we deliver!

Looking for something different for your next meeting? Stimulate a fresh perspective. Reinforce concepts through experiential learning. Create energy, enthusiasm and powerful learning that will propel your team into the future. From half day events to multiday retreats, Grand Dynamics delivers!

Check out our listing of Team Building events, including our most popular Team Expedition and Teaming with GPS programs. When you are ready to take the challenge to the next level, check out our Adventure Racing programs.

Action Seminars

Our Action Seminars give you more than just something to think about, they inspire immediate results: Improved communication, ignited productivity, reduced turnover.

Start planning your corporate retreat or team building event!