Amazing Race Adventure

Better than seen on TV, The Amazing Race Adventure is the perfect competitive team building event. Prepare to embark on an adventure that takes participants on a competitive race throughout a variety of locations: your resort, the surrounding city or countryside, or through the backcountry of your choice. In small teams, participants engage in a challenge where the objective is to locate race checkpoints, solve intricate team challenges and then travel to the next checkpoint. Roadblocks, detours and cunning problem solving challenges abound throughout the day. Program design depends on the time of year, program duration, and physical ability of the group.

Activities might include:

GPS/map/compass navigation, hiking, climbing, rappelling, kayaking, rafting, team initiative challenges, a giant maze, search & rescue, fly fishing, mud runs and more! Modes of transportation may include bus, van, SUV, bikes, rafts, kayaks, snowshoes, horseback riding, or foot travel.

Program themes include International Adventure, Wyoming Cowboy, the Corporate Connection, and /or specific corporate themes.

Benefits include:

  • A novel, unique challenge for individuals and teams
  • Covering diverse terrain and getting to know your location
  • Diversity of activities in a short period of time
  • Competitive small team environment creases team building intensity
  • Course checkpoints, detours and roadblocks, allowing teams to stay in close proximity
  • Physically challenging but not too demanding
  • Corporate themes may be interwoven into the program to highlight business objectives

Location Information

Customized programs take participants through a wide verity of locations. Inquire for details.

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