Team Expedition

A fantastic sequence of team building activities

Our Team Expedition program is an engaging series of team building initiatives – in a format you have never seen before! Teams follow the Experiential Learning Cycle as they experience unique problem-solving challenges, reflect on the team process and develop and test new theories of performance. The program design and facilitation ranges from light discussion to in-depth knowledge transfer to personal and professional lives. Each event is customized according to the focus of your organization and specific desired outcomes.

Program Features

  • Customized programs based on timeline and client objectives
  • Novel team challenges with active team problem solving
  • Communication, trust, decision making, leadership and teamwork
  • Highly experienced GDI team members for delivery
  • Effective debriefs with transfer of lessons and learning
  • All initiative supplies created, shipped or delivered on site
  • Themed events and challenges (IE: Mountaineering, Sharing Best Practices, etc)
  • Optional adventure elements per site location
  • Program Manager and event emcee with closing ceremonies

Program Customization

Our team expeditions are custom designed to client outcomes and timelines. We evaluate resources at the resort or program locations and design activities that are fun, engaging and relevant to participant engagement.

Team Expedition: Better – Faster – Cheaper Model

Program Features

  • Information sharing
  • Networking and interacting with multiple team members
  • Effective communication
  • Team decision making and problem solving
  • Improving team effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improving strategy and reducing cycle time
  • Collaborating as an organization
  • Team metrics and tracking

Step 1: Multiple teams participate simultaneously in various challenges

Step 2: Teams get together with other teams at the “information/collaboration station” where they network, interact, and share strategies for the various challenges.

Step 3: Teams rotate to complete new initiatives, integrating the information from other teams, helping each other to improve overall efficiency, while simultaneously competing with other teams.

Step 4: Teams collaborate together to complete large group closing initiatives

Step 5: Teams debrief and share highlights and insights that transfer lessons learned to the workplace.

Where do Team Expedition events take place?
This event takes place outdoors at a location near your venue, or indoor at your conference center of choice. This program can be delivered for any group size!

Start planning your corporate retreat or team building event!