Aaron Feinberg

Aaron Feinberg

I’m Aaron Feinberg. I believe the key to professional success and achievement is rooted in learning new and better strategies for building trust, social fluency and self-awareness.

Through a personalized, collaborative and solution-based approach, I work with each of my clients to develop a custom-tailored roadmap that’s optimized for their specific needs and abilities.

I help my clients to improve their:

  • Leadership skills
  • Executive Presence skills
  • Management skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Trust and influence
  • Conflict-resolution skills

I bring a wealth of professional experience into my coaching, built on my background as a credentialed school psychologist, business entrepreneur and mountain-bike guide.

I’ve coached a broad range of professionals, from senior executives at Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies to start-up entrepreneurs and professional athletes. I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies, schools, and individual business owners.

Contact me to schedule a few minutes to talk about your needs.