Tim Walther

Tim Walther

Tim Walther is an expert in applied business psychology and experiential training and development.

As President of Grand Dynamics International, Tim has led business operations and the delivery of global team and leadership development programs for over 22 years. He has worked with countless business executives and teams in facilitating the development of the most important business asset – our people.

Tim is an avid rock climber and mountaineer including accomplished routes in the Teton Range and first ascents in remote corners of the globe, including “The Spirit of Mokwai,” a bold adventure featured in Climbing Magazine’s EPIC Ascents. His eclectic oceanic adventures include open water swims from Alcatraz, abalone diving and blue water hunting.

Walther’s combination of business savvy, adventure experiences and leadership lessons make for cutting-edge presentations that inspire long after the fact. More than inspiration, Tim provides the models, methods, and tools that get to the bottom line results.

Walther’s programs have been featured in a multitude of publications, including Corporate Incentive Travel, Meetings West Magazine, Delta Sky Magazine, Association for Experiential Education Horizon Magazine, the New York Times and countless blog postings for Grand Dynamics. His training methodologies have been featured on the Voice of America in 156 countries world-wide.

Visit Tim Walther’s Book Page for a feature video of his Lake to Lake endurance swim, and access to a sample chapter of his upcoming book: LINK HERE

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Evolution and Jackson Hole Adventure

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a mecca for adventure and in recent years has been in the spotlight, showcasing the evolution of multi-sport endurance challenges. In this engaging keynote, Tim Walther shares stories of these adventures, with poignant lessons taken from each, including:

  • The evolution of Climbing and Mountaineering in the Tetons
  • The “Picnic” Grand Teton Triathlon: Biking, Swimming, Solo-Climbing the Grand
  • Around the Hole: 200+ mile circumnavigation of the “Hole” with mountain navigation, mountain biking, SUP, Lake Kayaking and Open Water Swimming.
  • The Snake River Complete: 75+ Miles of SUP River Boarding of the Snake River from Jackson Lake Dam to the Palisades in high water.
  • The Lake to Lake Link – Grand Teton National Park: Endurance Swimming across the 7 prominent lakes in GTNP and mountain trekking in between.

Lessons and stories are crafted to inspire the specific audience and highlight how adventure relates to our own evolution and optimizing our own lives on a daily basis.

Featured Presentations

The Experiential Keynote

Energize your attendees and bring to life your meeting concepts. This customized program will take your most important meeting objectives and bring them to life through engaging your meeting attendees. Key frameworks set the stage and unique activities and facilitation keep the energy high. Inquire about your specific meeting themes.

Successful Leadership Keynote

Models, methods and tools for your personal and professional development. This keynote is packed with not only the what of leadership theory and research, but the how of leadership development.

Bring It Back Keynote

Applying lessons of your team events. This program is designed to facilitate transference of concepts from your team building event or meeting elements back to the workplace. Check out this video where Walther explains the concepts of transference and how to “Bring it Back.”

Live Your Adventure Keynote

This captivating keynote follows the eclectic adventures of Walther as he weaves his philosophy of living and engages the audience to consider theirs. A few adventures include: running from the tsunami in Thailand; near death experiences while abalone diving; extreme white-water rafting; a first ascent in the remote jungles of Cambodia; journeys through the Amazon in search of spiritual enlightenment; a multitude of rock climbing experiences.


“Tim brings creative and powerful energies to help work teams realize their potential–having fun while achieving goals. His experiential learning exercises and motivational insights helped me better understand my team role and become a more effective leader.”
— Paul Vogelheim, Director, OTR Global

“Tim Walther made an impression! I have been to dozens of seminars, team building programs and heard every rah-rah speaker out there. After a while everyone sounded the same or said the same thing. Tim’s program, from start to finish, was outstanding! I appreciated the exercises you offered and the no-nonsense, cut to the chase explanation of each one. You deserve another round of applause!”
— Shari Fredrickson, Phytomer Corporation

“Tim Walther is a passionate innovator who has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their personal best. His approach to leadership and team development is intense, focused, inspirational, and highly effective.”
— Dev Pathik, CEO Sports Advisory Facility

“I have worked with Tim and his company, Grand Dynamics, for over ten years as he provided experiential leadership training for CFMA (Construction trade association) in an outdoor setting in Jackson Hole, WY. I have both participated (Several times) in the annual training events and supervised the efforts of Grand Dynamics as chairperson of the CFMA Leadership Committee. Tim and his company have always provided quality training events, and there are dozens of prior participants in his programs who have significantly benefited and added to their professional skills and capabilities through this program. I give my strong endorsement to anyone considering engaging Tim and the Grand Dynamics team.”
— Steve Lords, CFO, Martin Harris Construction