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At Grand Dynamics International WE BELIEVE…

…in the value of Experiential Training and Development.
…that the foundation for success in any business is driven by the people.
…teamwork is about raising the bar for those around you.
…leadership is the art and science of mobilizing others to want to achieve shared aspirations.
…what we hear, we forget, what we see, we remember and what we do, we understand.
…overcoming challenge together stimulates positive growth.
…facilitation is about having the right questions, not the right answers.
…overcoming the “impossible” in one situation, impacts a global belief which transfers to another.
…meaning of experience determines our emotional state, which determines the quality of life.
…team building, when done well, is highly effective for improving bottom line business results.
…courage is moving forward in the presence of fear.
…shared adventure creates synergy like nothing else.
…in the value of investing, not spending.
…in celebrating what’s right with the world.

The Philosophy of Experiential Training and Development: What is it?

Experiential Training and Development (ETD) is an approach to individual, group, and organizational learning that engages people, using action, reflection, application, and performance support. ETD combines the methods of experiential learning, adult learning and organization development.

Experiential Training and Development Operating Premises

A. ETD is a set of human and organizational services rooted in the provider’s knowledge of the client system, and aimed towards the healthy and profitable evolution of people and organizations.

B. Learning involves an integration and/or change in the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behavior on the part of individuals, groups, and/or organizational cultures.

C. Learning is a product of experience. Experience-based learning (action alone) becomes experiential when the elements of reflection (reflection optimizes learning), transfer (transfer applies learning), and support (support maintains transfer) are present.

D. The capacity to learn as an adult is more effective when the whole person is engaged – the thinking, feeling, and behavioral domains. For example, information that is synthesized with emotions, values, and actions produces learning that is more lasting than mere memorization of facts.

E. Training involves transferring specific “task-oriented” learning between similar settings. For example, a project-management spreadsheet or employee appraisal system, newly learned through a classroom can then be applied in the job.

F. Development involves transferring general “process-oriented” learning between very different settings. For example, collaborative problem solving or conflict resolution approaches, learned in a team building session, can then be applied back in the office.

G. ETD providers and businesses grow and develop by continually striving to offer high value to the clients and marketplace as they evolve. This requires an adequate focus on client organizations’ business outcomes (e.g. effectiveness, efficiencies, quality, cost) as well as individual participants’ needs, and ETD models and methodologies.

Service Areas

ETD practitioners serve client organizations in any one or a combination of three areas:

Relationship Development — services which enhance interactions and motivate individuals through short-term events. Examples include energizing, incentive/reward, networking and celebration events. These events are purposeful and incorporate elements of reflection, transfer and support, as distinct from entertainment and recreation events, which do not.

Performance Enhancement — training in skills and competencies that results in improvement of personal, team and organizational effectiveness. Examples include communication skills, executive coaching, performance management and conflict resolution.

Consultation/Intervention — services addressing the interaction between behavior (individual.leadership, and team) and business setting elements (e.g. reporting line structures, communication and decision-making processes, incentive / compensation systems). Activities may include analyzing misalignments among these pieces, advisement on possible growth / change initiatives, and coaching.

From the DEEP document contributed by GDI Partners Tim Walther and Todd Walther


The study of the Telos can be summarized in one word: Purpose. According to Aristotle, the study of teleology is the pursuit of WHY something exists.

At GDI we believe that our purpose drives our desire to accomplish anything we set out to achieve. What is your Telos? What is the Telos of your team? What is the Telos of your business? How about your industry? Through GDI programming we facilitate growth toward that discovery and integration in life and business.

The GDI TELOS comes in the form of growth and contribution to developing the full potential of individuals, teams and organizations. Our approach to this end is fueled by our PASSION for experiential learning – and most often an integration of adventure and business. Our company President, Tim Walther, along with our committed team have traveled the planet seeking out the answers to questions like, “How does one live to their true potential?” and “How does one achieve Self-Actualization?” and discovering the characteristics of the Telos. As a company, we are driven to facilitate the purpose-driven growth and to positively contribute to our world. We seek to equip individuals and teams with the values, beliefs and actions to achieve their highest potential. Our platform is experiential learning and we utilize this science toward achieving this goal.

On a different yet related note, Telos is the name of the GDI Mascot! Telos is a Chocolate Labrador who undoubtedly lives up to his name. Anyone who has had the pleasure of interacting with Telos will realize that the Telos is much about living in the present moment, and living out what we are destined to do.

Start planning your corporate retreat or team building event!