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Game TIPS for a Fun and Successful Jackson Hole Towner Tour!

Distance and Time Frame

The Downtown JH Classic Towner Tour includes challenges within about one square mile of the Town Square. Your map will indicate your location-specific challenges.

Completing the full course takes most groups about two hours. You can begin from any location, at any time, and complete as much of the Tour as you like.  There is no time limit for completing your Tour. 

Play Together, Stay Together

The game is designed for teams to play together!


Some of the challenges you complete offer “rewards” aka Prizes! To redeem your prizes, bring your phone with the completed reward and show the business your coupon. Tell them how much fun you have had and enjoy your reward! Please do not share these coupons with anyone else.


There are 3 types of Answer submissions: Video, Photo or Trivia / Text
Total points are indicated in the app for each challenge.
Two main categories of Challenges: Location-Specific (LOC) and On the Go (OTG)

Finding LOC Challenges

Most, but not all, of the LOC Checkpoints are found on your map, which appears as a teardrop icon in the top right of your game app, this opens up options for viewing LOC checkpoints in your google maps app. 

Click the teardrop again once you select your challenge to open google maps and get exact directions to that checkpoint!


#Winning = Points and Fun!!!  

Rack up as many points as you can and of course, the real winners are the teams that have the most fun! 


Please wear face masks in any congested areas and remember to wash your hands frequently. 

Watch out for traffic, obey all traffic laws and please, NO CLIMBING ON ANY STATUES or doing anything the Town of Jackson would not approve of. 

Sharing is caring!

Share your photos and videos with us!   

Tag one or more of our reward sponsors and of course, Towner Tours!

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Team Roles to Facilitate Your Success!

Consider these roles and the importance of each for a fun and efficient TEAM experience. Assign roles to people on your team at the outset to keep you on track!

Team Leader: Facilitate decisions and keep everyone included in the process. Be strategic and optimize points and performance. Safety and Fun are priority number one!

Navigator: Log in to access maps and use team input to facilitate course navigation. Click on the upper right icon to access the checkpoint locations and once a challenge is open, click on it again to “open in maps” to view navigation and checkpoints.       

Tech Specialist: We recommend using an iPhone if possible. Androids work as well, iPhones are just a bit smoother. Trouble Shooting. IF you have issues with the app. Step 1: Close it and re-login.  Step 2: Delete the app entirely from your phone and re-download and log in again. Step 3: Use a different phone!  TIPS: Start with a fully charged phone. Close all other applications on your phone to conserve battery life. Having charged external battery onhand can be helpful as a backup.

Photographer / Videographer: Coordinate with a Creative Director on shooting videos and photos. Shoot All videos in Horizontal!  If you want to have a great video during or after, use horizontal!  Videos have set time limits. 

Safety Monitor: Keep team members safe, and maintain social distancing with people you are not with.  Wear face masks in crowded areas.  No running across the street while looking at your phone!   

Creative Director: Each submission will require a caption. Have fun with this! Each photo and video is an opportunity to get CREATIVE and bring out your inner expert hunter! Get creative with them!!!

More Cowbell!:  Need we say it again?  Focus on the fun! Keep the team energized through the finish!

Start planning your corporate retreat or team building event!