Grand Dynamics Virtual
Programs and Events

How to create the best virtual programs for your business,

community, school or group by combining GDI experiences with a

proven technology platform.

Our Virtual Programs

A solution for event planners that offers active experiences for people at any location that build community and promote fun, creativity, and resourcefulness. We integrate Smartphone Apps, Zoom Technology and our Web platforms with engaging programming. We offer a variety of virtual programs with hundreds of activities to choose from to match your group.

Virtual Team Building

Experiential Training in the Virtual Space

How do you take the best activities and strategies from outdoor team-building experiences and deliver them to your group virtually? We’re here to show you how. All the classic team elements of effective communication, problem-solving, trust-building exercises come together for a one of a kind interactive learning experience.

Virtual Events Gamified

Team Trivia, Who Dun-its and Epic Scavenger Hunts

Ready to add some FUN and competition into your virtual events? We’ve got you covered! We have a variety of gaming options delivered by our professional game producers, hosts and facilitators.

Magic and Virtual Entertainment

Create Magical Experiences for your Next Virtual Event

Create magical experiences for your next virtual event with amazing entertainers! You’ll be dazzled and delighted by our world-class entertainers from magicians to acrobats to daredevils to golf trick shot experts. We can integrate a host of entertainment and team building options into your next virtual training or event.

Mastering the Virtual World

How to Design and Lead Effective and Engaging Virtual Meetings

Zoom Fatigue Be Gone! Level up your virtual skills to lead fun, effective, and engaging meetings and events. Experience virtual training to provide you and your team with the skills and tools to succeed in the virtual world.

Virtual Charity Events, Give Backs & Fundraisers

Team Building + Positive Impact

We’ll help you take your in-person charity event or fundraiser successfully into the virtual space. With these events, you’ll experience how to connect and engage with your people while making a positive impact for people in need.

Adventure Spotlight

Adventure Stories and Strategy for Life, Business and Sport.

Join Ken Lubin and Tim Walther for an exciting virtual experience and start to apply the lessons from some of the world’s greatest adventurers. Whether you’re seeking to navigate the pandemic, explore the natural world, lead business teams, or optimize your energy for peak performance, each adventure spotlight has insights to help us live a more fulfilling life.

Why participate in a Virtual Program?

  • Help people feel connected even while physically isolated
  • Bring fun and positive psychology amidst the pandemic
  • Offer a replacement to live events
  • Save money by using innovative platforms and technology

Who is it for?

Corporate Events or Summits
Remote Employees
Families of employees in a business
Communities, Towns or Associations
Education groups or schools
Our Virtual Events might be a great fit if you want to:
  • Replace your live event or summit with something awesome
  • Connect remote employees
  • Offer some FUN for the families of your group
  • Bring together a community while maintaining social distancing
  • Raise funding for a cause
  • Connect students or families at a School
  • Provide a Fun, Learning, Fitness or other focused experience
How do the programs work?
  • We clarify your outcomes and design your event
  • We support event communication, promtion and registration
  • We kick of events with an optional Zoom opening
  • Participants engage through our Mobile Apps and Web based platforms
  • Celebrate our success in the event closing ceremonies

What our clients say about us

This was the perfect program for these times and exactly what our employees needed!

This was the perfect program for these times and exactly what our employees needed!

THANK YOU for making it SO EASY to register and play!

THANK YOU for making it SO EASY to register and play!

It was so neat to see what other teams were doing and gave us great ideas!

It was so neat to see what other teams were doing and gave us great ideas!

The leaderboard was showed our FUN progress with a little friendly competion! The big reveal during the closing was exciting!

The leaderboard was showed our FUN progress with a little friendly competion! The big reveal during the closing was exciting!


Interested in a fun event for remote teams?

Watch this virtual Team Building Whodunnit!
Who Kidnapped the Boss?

Booking your Private Event with Grand Dynamics

Your Grand Dynamics virtual program comes with 22 years of experience to
design and deliver a seamless event.
Our Private Event Services include:
  • A dedicated GDI Event Manager
  • Contulation on event marketing and communications
  • Event registration platforms
  • Facebook events co-hosted
  • Event Hosts for Zoom Rooms & Event Monitoring
  • Flexible Timeframes – 1 hour to multiple days
  • Unlimited number of in-tact or remote teams
  • Customized messages from your leaders
  • Highlight Reels and Event videos
Event Activities
The Perfect Experiences for your Event

  • Choose ready-made games
  • Pick from our library of hundreds of challenges
  • Create your own for us to include
  • Let us invent new activities to meet your event outcomes
Our Private Event Services include:
  • Teamwork and Leadership Challenges
  • Family-based challenges for all ages
  • Home-based creative challenges
  • Outdoor challenges
  • Corona Themes (Face masks, Social Distancing)
  • Popular Challenge Trends
  • Employee Based Business Fun
  • Event-specific trivia
  • Relationship building conversations
  • Problem Solving
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Physical Challenges
  • Creative Art
  • Inspirational quotes and messages
  • Riddles and puzzles
  • Fitness and Wellness Challenges
  • Photography and Videography
  • Education-based
  • Productivity and Stress Relief
  • Integration with multi-media
  • FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Additional Elements

Video messaging from your company representatives
Event Emcee and game monitoring
Rewards / coupons / advertisements from sponsors
Post-event highlight reel

Have Questions?

  • All challenges can be completed at home or nearby
  • As protocols evolve, so can the challenges
  • Location-specific challenges may be included
  • Socially distanced programs at live events are available

Hosted Zoom Room stays open for questions or technical support

Join us in our efforts to make a positive impact during this pandemic. Let’s spread the good vibes to your people!!!

Events start at $1,000 and include set up, consultation and a minimum number of teams or players. We work with organizations of all types and are happy to work with you on your budget to bring these experiences to as many people as possible. Contact us with the following information so we can deliver a quote for your event.

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